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About Us

Who We Are

            The Information Technology Skills Advancement Leagues (ITSAL)
provides e-games for IT certification exam preparation and skills improvement

ITSAL games allow individuals and teams to test and improve their IT skills by competing in head-to-head matches, leagues, and tournaments for rankings and prizes

Our Story

At ITSAL, we've turned improving your IT skills into a game.

ITSAL was founded by Matthew Burch,  an Information Technology manager and adjunct college professor from

San Antonio, Texas. Always interested in the technology field, Matthew

obtained numerous IT certifications and is a leader in his field. As an IT professional and

certified instructor for over 25 years, Matthew experienced first-hand the value of

certified credentials and the difficulties of achieving them. Armed with a sense of

determination to make a difference in technology training, he envisioned

a new approach. In 2021, recognizing the competitive nature of IT students and the

enjoyment they receive from competing in video games, Matthew created an educational

competition study tool that will test the players' aptitude by having them compete against each other.

An educational game that can be played with more than one player and enables teams to compete against each other in real-time with various competitions would be a fun way to check your knowledge of the subject matter before taking the certification test. You see, Matthew believed that IT training does not have to be boring. Thus, ITSAL was born. 

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This innovative tool is designed to supplement conventional training methods for IT professionals and students preparing for certification exams. At ITSAL, we strive to equip every game player with the skills needed to pass their certification test.  The leg up that even one certification can provide cannot be ignored and has led to a dramatic increase in the number of people seeking IT Skills training.  The option of testing your knowledge against an opponent is a new and exciting way of advanced learning whose time has come.

Our Vision

To be the world leader in developing, assessing, and recognizing high performing technology professionals

The reasons for pursuing a certification are threefold including Validation, Marketability, and Career Development.

Indeed, September, 2021- 

“After completing certifications..28% received a salary or wage increase.. 36% attained a new job...21% job promotion”

Pearsonvue,  2021-

66% of IT decision makers say certification holds an economic value of over $10,000. 22% put the value at $25,000 or more., September, 2021- 

Gamification and traditional learning methods can enhance students learning motivation and learning effects.”

Frontiers in Education, 2021-

Our Mission

To further technology skills development by providing fun and competitive e-games and tournaments that complement effective training methods

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